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What on Earth Do I Wear to a Wedding?

wedding attire

So you've been invited to a wedding. Maybe it's at our fabulous authentic barn venue or maybe it's somewhere else. No matter. Here are a few tips to help you decide what to wear.

1. It DOES matter if you're black or white, well, at least concerning your attire. Despite what the late, great Michael Jackson sang, it does actually matter if you wear black or white on your friend's day. Traditionally, you should avoid both. You don't wear white because, well, that's the bride's color. You don't wear black's not a funeral; it's a joyous celebration. (Exceptions to the black rule are made for coordinators, DJs, etc.)

2. Seasons change. And so should your outfit, accordingly. Here in Texas, especially in the spring and fall, the weather can turn on a dime. It might start off chilly and wind up sweltering by ceremony time. Check the weather in advance and keep a close eye on it throughout the day prior to the big event. Consider taking a jacket, shrug, or light sweater along that can be removed or worn if needed.

3. Comfort counts. If you're pulling, tugging, itching, or otherwise fidgeting during the ceremony and reception, you'r going to be a bit of a distraction and just downright not having a good time. Consider choosing a tried-and-true outfit that you know is well-fitting and comfortable. You can't dance the night away if you're focused on rearranging clothing constantly.

4. Shoes. Can we talk shoes? We love them. But if you're not used to wearing those 4" spiked heels in your closet that only come out a few times a year, it might be time to reconsider. If your few pair of dressy shoes are horribly tight and/or uncomfortable, consider purchasing a new, more comfortable pair. Leather is always a great choice as it conforms itself to your foot and has some stretch to it. Try purchasing your shoes a month or so in advance and wear them regularly to stretch them out. And a neutral shade that will get more frequently worn is a good idea, as well. Big day is here and they still don't fit the best? Try using a liquid bandage on any problem spots versus traditional bandgaes, which aren't very elegant.

5. Indoor or out? If the ceremony indoors or outdoors? What about the reception? Those spiked heels may be sinking into grass. Are you ok with grass stains on them? Glam boots might be an appropriate choice for a rustic wedding and would help avoid any trips or mishaps in heels.

6. Justin Timberlake may think you should get your sexy on....but this isn't the place. Weddings, while fun, are also serious affairs. Don't dress for the night club. Go for a modest length skirt (keep it a few inches above the knees at least), avoid plunging necklines and clothing so tight nothing is a mystery.

7. Bridesmaid or guest? If you happen to know the color of the bridesmaids dresses, avoid wearing that color. It can get confusing for the photographer and other guests when they aren't sure whether or not you're a part of the wedding party.

8. Get a clue. Are there any cues on the invitation about dress? Is it black tie? What type of venue is hosting the event? Is it a ballroom in a downtown hotel? A charming rustic country venue? Dress in keeping with this information.

9. It's Not About You. The bottom line is: the day just isn't about you. Don't outshine the bride. Keep it elegant, tasteful and simple. You're for going for "tacky" as we say here in Texas. You're not going for "wow." You're here to support your friend or co-worker on her big day.

Ok, so maybe your guy needs some help dressing as well? Try this link and have a blast at the wedding!

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