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Should I Have a Friday Wedding?

So your favorite venue is booked on every possible Saturday from here to eternity? Who knew that some people are such eager beavers and start venue shopping two years in advance? What's a bride to do? Consider a Friday wedding date. Here's why:

1. They're AVAILABLE! And that's true not just for your venue but for other wedding service professionals as well: photographers, florists, cake artists, DJs, and rental companies are just not as busy on Fridays. What does this mean to you? You'll have more options to choose from in all of these areas, especially if you aren't the early bird planner that some brides are.

2. They're DISCOUNTED! Again, it's not only venues who discount their Fridays and off=Saturday dates, it's other vendors as well. Don't be shy about asking other service providers if they give a Friday discount.

3. Chilling Out. Everyone has an opportunity for a nice, relaxing Saturday after your wedding. Your parents, his parents, your out-of-town guests, and most especially, YOU! Many families plan a mini-family reunion on the Saturday after a Friday wedding, taking advantage of the extra time together. Return flights can now be booked late Saturday or early Sunday, giving a more flexible travel schedule as well.

Many brides and grooms are now getting married on Friday and planning a special all-day date day on Saturday before flying out for their honeymoon on Sunday. They are discovering that they were so exhausted their first night together as a married couple, they couldn't, er, take advantage of the time as fully as they would have liked. (Hint: think relaxing Saturday couples massage, fine dining, and a romantic evening alone in a local bed and breakfast or swanky hotel.)

4. Rehearsal Dinner. If you are planning a separate rehearsal or bridal party celebration dinner on the night before your wedding, good news! Restaurants are far more likely to have space available. Don't forget to ask about additional discounts as well!

5. Conflicts. Look, everything is on Saturday. Kids' sports tournaments, Uncle Harry's retirement party, Great-great Aunt June and Uncle Bob's 50th anniversary dinner. Yeah. It all gets scheduled on Saturday. There's nothing worse than planning your special day, envisioning all those faces there to see you tie the knot, and then realizing people couldn't show up because of scheduling conflicts. Having your wedding on Friday ensures that your special day becomes the central focus.

6. Accommodations. Hotels are also less busy on Friday nights and often offer additional discounts for those nights as well. Don't hesitate to ask, particularly if you are booking blocks of rooms.

7. Sentimental Old You. Did your guy pop the question on a date that falls on a Friday the year of your wedding? Wouldn't it be amazing to remember that special time with your family and friends as you all celebrate the culmination of your dating relationship? Make sure to include in your slideshows and toasts photos and tell everyone "the story!"

8. Religious Services. Some guests have Sunday morning religious services that they sincerely hate to miss. Guests driving in from out of town to attend your wedding might be more apt to leave the reception early and miss part of the fun. Having a Friday wedding gives them more time to rest and recoup before attending Sunday services.

Yes, your favorite venue might be taken on the Saturday date that you wanted. But don't despair! There are plenty of reasons to choose a Friday wedding and celebrate in a more relaxed, inexpensive manner while having plenty of joy and fun!

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