BWB Brides' Resource Page

Welcome to The Big White Barn resource page! We are working to provide the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions!

Tables and Chairs:

  • 4 long tables - 2 six foot and 2 eight foot

  • 33 Round tables (48 inches) which seat 6-7

    • Linens are only included with grand packages or if purchased as an add on

    • Tablecloths to reach halfway down are 90"

    • Tablecloths to reach the floor are 108" round
  • 200 Chairs

Alcohol Service:

  • You have two options for service - all bartenders must be venue approved.

    • Hire a full service bartender who brings all alcohol and has their own Liquor Liability Policy

    • Hire a bartender to serve alcohol that you bring in. You will need your own Liquor Liability Policy

  • Your security officers will be scheduled from 30 minutes before start of ceremony until 30 minutes after Bride/Groom Exit

  • Officers are $40 per hour per officer

  • The BWB will schedule security officers once we receive your final details and verify number of officers and time needed - you will need to have payment for them when they arrive at your event

  • You also need a Host Liquor Liability Policy for the day with the Big White Barn named as additional insured. We recommend They usually run between $150-$200. You are welcome to shop around for pricing.

Forms and Documents