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A Vision of Beauty

Here at The Big White Barn, we try to run our business based on timeless principles. One of these very important principles concerns the concept of beauty. You see, we believe that mankind and this world were created for perfection and beauty and that it's part of our job as humans to restore that divine state.

We wanted to create something of value that will last well beyond our short lives on this Earth.

This project is a legacy for our marriage and our family. A place our kids and grandkids can come back to year after year and enjoy with their own families. This is a venue that will still be here in 50 years. Brides will be able to come back and show their children and say, "This is where we were married." This is a place that is nostalgic in feel and timeless in appeal.

We want a "wow factor" for people driving down the road who see a place of beauty and wonder, a building unlike all the others around that somehow feels more right than any of the structures in the vicinity.

We hope it reminds folks of elegance, of a time lost but not forgotten, of simplicity and practicality. We hope the spectacular views and towering height of the barn will make people want to stay awhile and enjoy a classic country feel.

Our goal is to leave a beautiful legacy. Not only for ourselves but for our family. One for every couple that gets married here as well to the North Texas area at large. This is our mark. Our contribution to the restoration of beauty in the world.

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