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Big White Barn Consulting

Here at the BWB, we believe that a large part of success is giving back.  We want to help your venue succeed.  We can assist you with a variety of consulting issues including but not limited to:

Assessing viability and laying groundwork 

Developing a business plan

Vision/mission statement

Corporate structuring 

Market research/demographics

Legal and insurance guidance

Tax structure guidance

Competitive advantage

Personal development

Target clientele

Policies and procedures (vendors, alcohol, food, security, etc.)

Developing a pricing structure

Business systems


Staffing needs

Marketing (industry events, social media, styled shoots, effective outlets, etc.)

Industry networking guidelines

Sales training

Growth opportunities

Working with millenials

Exit strategies

Site visit (additional fee) 


Our consulting fees include communication and attention from our venue owners and venue manager, depending upon the specific help needed.  Text, email, phone, and teleconferencing are available to you as determined by need.  When you consult with us, we will have an initial face-to-face or teleconferencing introductory meeting.  Prior to this, we will send you a request for background information on your situation and venue.  From those two initial meetings, we will develop a plan for your specific situation and help you create action steps.  


Consulting fees for venues outside of a 100 mile radius:


Consulting fees for venues inside of a 100 mile radius: 

$500/hour and a non-compete agreement 

Site visits are based on distance and overnight accommodation needs.  Please contact us for more details.  

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